Success Stories

Dear Kris
I wanted to share an email I got from C’s teacher .

“Just wanted to let you know that C is having so many more ‘good’ days this term. I have seen a vast improvement! Keep doing what you are doing as it is paying off.”

And a massive part of this success is YOU…..If I hadn’t found you… was medication!


JD, Qld

Dear Kris,
We have had amazing results with the Frankincense!! Within 24 hours of using it my daughter was taking herself to the toilet (been toilet training for 2 years!!), she stopped looking up at the air con vents and she started to put 3-4 words together!!!!!!
On the DDR now with the right dose and I feel like I saw a little difference in her yesterday afternoon. She seemed a bit more mature 
Thanks so much, Mia


I just wanted to let you know that J has changed amazingly over the last few weeks. We’ve been on the diet now for 8 weeks and about 3-4 weeks ago he just changed into this beautiful calm boy! Life is so so much easier! He has gained weight and is stronger and looking much better.
Thanks so very much for you help.



I just wanted to say that Kris introduced me to the oils about 8 months ago now and they have been an amazing addition to our protocol. For my ASD boy we have noticed increased spontaneous language, a huge leap in imaginative play and a reduction in anxiety with new situations. I was at my wits end with anxiety issues and introducing oils that directly target this made such a huge difference. I use the oils now with the whole family. On a personal note I have oils I use on a daily basis to help me with my own anxiety, focus, mood and sleep. As you know, being an ASD parent is a stressful thing! These wonderful products have made an amazing impact on me personally and y family’s overall wellbeing. These oils work!! Please feel free to share my message as a testimonial. Best wishes, Kellie xx


I found Kris to be a one of a kind Nutritionist!. Her recipes were not daunting at all and totally achievable for the average working parent. I found working with Kris an invaluable experience especially for parents undertaking dietary intervention for their children. Kris’s kind and sincere approach made this a wonderful experience and one that I would highly recommend!

DT, Sydney

Dear Kris, I wanted to let you know how we’ve been going since I started using DDR in the bath for J. Gains since using DDR
– calmer behaviour
-greater use of social language
– meaningful questions, better use of language to explain things.
Today he told me unprompted what he did at kinder. These were his words “Mumms they had the marble run set up at kinder today and I played it. We played doctors and the doctors kit is like at home. I was a doctor and E was lying in the bed. I was helping him. They had the x-ray machine there too. It was like a hospital”
That is so much more than I’ve ever got!!!!

Thank you,


I did think the change would be alot more difficult but am happy to say that the kids and I now love baking school treats together and J has become quite the little master chef with helping with meals, a real positive outcome! We have also seen a change at school – he is a lot more settled and focused, we feel its due to his change in diet as well as working closely with the school psychologist. We are in such a better place now as a family as well as J being so much more settled. Thank you!

Mel, Sydney

Hi Kris, I wanted to share some feedback on what we are doing for our 5 yr old son in case others might find it helpful.
My son has selective mutism (anxiety based disorder that restricts him from talking to most people in most settings) and is sensory defensive (tactile defensive – basically can’t wear clothes). Prior to oils we have been following the usual treatment – regular psych sessions, speech therapy, OT, and have been making progress.
Since using Doterra, particularly Frankincense and DDR regularly before bed, after only a week there WAS a definite change. He has started to articulate more, longer sentences, general chit chat. Others noticed too. He just seems happier within himself. LESS ANXIOUS and CALMER. He copes with so much more. The aggression has dissipated and I can’t remember when his last meltdown was. Our protocol is a work in progress but I am very grateful to have found these wonderful products.
Thanks from Regan


I loved your presentation Kris. . With the diet stuff, there is such a feeling of ‘if I were a better autism mom I would be doing the food better.’ And you totally debunked that. You were self-effacing, honest, you said it’s been a 10 year journey, your son’s health speaks for itself, but you were clear your knowledge comes from learning the hard way and I really appreciate that. Your realness makes you 100% relatable. No one wants the Martha Stewart of Autism diets.

KS, Brisbane

I am very pleased to report that in the 3 weeks that she has been eating gluten free, she has been noticeably calmer, her meltdowns are less frequent and not quite as epic as they used to be. The change in her behaviour is quite remarkable and she is a much happier child as a result. I was interested in the science behind the theory, being a science teacher; and it certainly seemed plausible to me. We were certainly keen to try it as opposed to the paediatric psychiatrist’s recommendation that we medicate her. I would never have believed how dramatic the change could be had I not seen it myself! She is having more success self regulating and it is obvious to us that the foods she was eating were triggering some of her really challenging behaviour.

In our very long and protracted journey along the ASD road, what we learnt from you has been the most helpful and the most effective.

FL, Qld