The In-Depth Plan

The In-Depth Plan




The In depth plan includes:
High Thrive Me! Book – Step by Step guidance on how to eliminate irritating foods, cook nutritious kid-friendly dishes and turn everyday foods into meals that heal
A personalized recipe database filtered to exclude all the ingredients you can’t have and give you hundreds of simple, legal, nourishing recipes to make your special diet a breeze!
A comprehensive hair analysis that will test your individual compatibility to over 500 items including food, bathroom, laundry & kitchen products. 
The Bio-Compatibility System is the result of over thirty years of research and development by qualified Naturopaths in Australia. Here is how it works
The technique is based on the way in which the foods and products benefit the individual person.
Each person is unique so it obviously follows that when it comes to foods and household products that ‘one size does not fit all’.
Each individual has his/her own nutritional and energy requirements. Have you noticed that some foods give you good energy while others seem to drag you down and seem to aggravate existing symptoms?
Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis is about finding local foods and household products that suit the individual. It is not based on Nutritional advice nor is it a Medical programme designed to treat diseases.
Using a hair sample, Bio-Compatibility testing identifies the influence (either positive or negative) that each of a wide range of foods and products has on the individual body. This way we are able to determine which foods and products should be avoided and which can be used. Remember, feed the body correctly and it can function much better.
Your personalized recipe database will be set up for you to exclude foods shown as reactive in your hair analysis.
30 minute consult once your hair test results are back so I can answer any questions and help you with a plan for implementing the necessary dietary changes
Once you have ordered this package I will email you the necessary forms to complete for the hair analysis and results are usually back to me within 10 days of receipt of hair sample.


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