Diet Audit

Diet Audit


Purchase Instruction:

Once you purchase the product, please fill the Diet Audit paperwork and share as much detail as you can.

Once you are finished return it to me at [email protected]

Once I have received it I will acknowledge receipt and send your report back to you within 5 days.



Are you frustrated with the results from the dietary intervention you’ve tried?

Are you diligently gluten and dairy-free yet still getting behaviours?

Are you slaving away in the kitchen trying to be GAPS compliant yet not seeing any changes in focus or sleep?

Are you petrified the Paleo police are going to come knocking on your door if any rice or potato is sighted in your house?

Here’s the harsh reality ……

You can be feeding your child all the “right” things according to the rules of the diet you’re following, but it might not be the right thing for YOUR child.

Years ago I became one of the first Bioindividual Nutrition Practitioners in the world because I knew that the very best diet for YOUR child is completely different to the very best diet for somebody else’s child. I know because I had done it! Literally flogging a dead horse by running myself into the ground following a diet to the letter and not getting all the “magic” results I was seeing others getting.

And sadly I saw many of my clients were doing the same –  pushing themselves to the limit, spending all of their time and energy on special diets that “should” have been helping their kids but weren’t. They came to me in frustration and desperation to make it work. And we did. A few tweaks to personalise the diet for them and voila, we have progress.

If you’re feeling like you could do with somebody looking over your current diet and giving you some tweaks to make your dietary efforts more targeted, I invite you to have a Diet Audit with me. 

How does it work?

You fill out my Diet Audit paperwork and I’ll get back to you with a written report on tweaks, substitutes, things to consider adding or deleting and we will get you well on the way to finding the right diet for YOUR child.


you will receive an individualised, filtered recipe database to give you hundreds of recipes that will give you loads of inspiration and take the guesswork out of finding an easy-to-cook, yummy, “legal” meal or snack for your child.

Here’s what Claudia said about her recent Diet Audit

“Hello Kris, just a quick word to let you know that since I have got your results from the diet audit, so far I am noticing a DRASTIC difference! I am still observing and it is early to make a definite call but he has been soooo much calmer. In fact he is so calm that I am wondering if he is ok. I am definitely going to stop his medicine now and see how is M is with these new changes! I will keep you in touch. So, thank you again and again for sharing with us all of your wisdom! You are amazing!”

* Stop feeling guilty about using certain foods that a certain book tells you is illegal.

* Stop feeling frustrated that you are following certain protocols to the letter and not getting the results you were after.

* Let me help you tailor something that suits YOUR child and get the results that you’re looking for.



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