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Kris Barrett & Sally Thibault

ep. 50 – Your questions answered and why finding your tribe will make all the difference

In today's episode, Sally and myself answer two common themes that we found coming through in questions we received. Plus we have a chat about how finding our tribe and people who "get" us is critical to being able to stay sane and keep your head above water. 

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Kris Barrett & Sally Thibault

ep. 49 – The link between food, learning and behaviour

Food is not just calories, it's information for your cells. Discover how what your child eats can affect their behaviour and learning and the two biggest culprits. 

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Kris Barrett & Sally Thibault

ep. 48 – Natural solutions for managing anxiety in your ASD child

Today I will share what anxiety looks like in all ages and some practical, simple tools for you to use that will make a huge difference to managing anxiety in your child.

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Kris Barrett & Sally Thibault

ep. 47 – The top 4 causes of anxiety for ASD mums

Join myself and Sally for a chat about the top 4 reasons we feel anxiety - and what we can do about them. 

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Kris Barrett & Sally Thibault

ep. 46 – The School Experience

Which school? When to start school? How will my child cope at school? What type of schooling is best for my child?

Join myself & Sally as we relay our wildly different school journeys with our sons and learn that despite them having such vastly different experiences, it all turned out OK.

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Kris Barrett & Sally Thibault

ep. 45 – How to help your child to sleep

I'm a big fan of sleep. Life is pretty crap when your child isn't sleeping and if your child isn't sleeping, you won't be either.

Join me, Kris Barrett, to learn some strategies to help your child develop a good sleep routine - after living on sleeping pills and wine for 10 years with my own sleep struggles my real world tips might just change your life like they did mine.

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Kris Barrett & Sally Thibault

ep. 44 – Coming to terms with your child’s diagnosis

There is no right or wrong way to handle your child's diagnosis. But rest assured, at some point you are going to need to face it and deal with it emotionally.

Join Kris and Sally for an intimate chat about how they came to terms with their son's diagnoses. 

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Kris Barrett & Sally Thibault

ep. 43 – How to tell others about your child's diagnosis

It takes a village to raise a child. And that's never more important than with a special needs child. Having your family and friends understand what's going on and be a support for you is crucial for your long term outcomes.

Join Sally for some tips around how to set this up for success for your family. 

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Kris Barrett & Sally Thibault

ep. 42 – How to tell your child about their diagnosis

Join us, Kris Barrett & Sally Thibault, for a chat about how to tell your child about their diagnosis and how we did it with our boys.

Enjoy this week's inspiration and education.

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ep. 41 The essential tools in my toolbox

My belief is that the best outcomes for our kids come from using a combination of therapies and protocols. I liken it to having a variety of tools in a toolbox - they are all useful to do certain things at certain times.

Essential Oils have been in my toolbox for the past 5 years and they are an essential tool for us, used multiple times daily for mood, sleep, anxiety, skin and gut.

This week on the podcast I have a chat about how and why oils work so beautifully for mood and meltdowns.

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ep. 40 You might as well say you’ve been abducted than to say you’ve got a child with a vaccine injury…

Have you ever listened to something and it struck you like BAM? Well this week's episode did just that for me.

This week we hear a snippet from an interview Pete Evans had with Del Bigtree about the autism and vaccination connection.

It will no doubt stir up some emotions for you, it certainly did for me.

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ep. 39 Autism, Puberty & Sexual Health

Uncomfortable but necessary. Like so many things we've already tackled with our kids, puberty is going to throw you a whole new set of challenges. Like it or not, our kids are going to grow up and they are going to need guidance from you during puberty. These conversations and behavioural strategies we need to implement are going to be uncomfortable to speak about but critical to ensure your child comes out the other side with appropriate and healthy habits.

This week we hear from several Behavioural therapists from Seattle Children's hospital with some tips and tricks on navigating puberty with our kids. 

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ep. 38 Special children: Siblings of Autism

I'm back! It's been a minute. How are you doing?

It's been a tough few months hasn't it. And still is. To be honest, I just wasn't feeling very inspirational and I don't want to waste your time to put something out "just because".

I love this week's episode - I'm surprised I haven't covered this topic before. We are going to hear from Fathering Autism on the special kids - the siblings of autism. Our unsung heroes. Truly they are.

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ep. 37 Is Recovery from Autism possible?

The Medical profession says you cannot recover from Autism, yet thousands of children around the world are. These recoveries aren't miraculous - they are simply the result of proper medical care addressing.

This week we hear from Ryan's mum, Marcia, about how they turned their son's life around once they began addressing the medical issues and his compromised immune system. There is hope!

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ep. 36 The Truth will bring down the Corrupt

Bam. Pow. This week's episode packs a punch. We hear from Dr Judy Mikovits - a Molecular Biologist who was a whistleblower for corruption in the health industry in the USA. She spent time and jail then had a 5 year gag order on her - this is now up and she's speaking out!

Hear about what's really going on with vaccines, the virus, why medications that were helping our ASD kids have been made unavailable. It's shocking and it will invoke strong reactions from you I'm sure.

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ep. 35 How your belly controls your brain

You've heard it from me before, a thousand times perhaps. Food matters. What we eat affects the signals our brain gets. There is a gut/brain connection.

This week on the podcast, we hear from nutritionist/microbiologist/neuroscientist Ruairi Robertson with his TedX talk on the importance of our microbiome and the connection between our belly and brain. Enjoy his expertise and his litling Irish accent as you learn more about the importance of our food and nurturing our microbiome.

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ep. 34 3 things you can do right now to improve your child's sleep, behaviour and focus

This week on the podcast I have a chat with you about 3 things you can do right now that will make a difference to your child's behaviour, sleep, anxiety and focus.

In the midst of pandemics/lockdowns/home schooling the overwhelm is real and I know that dietary intervention can seem to be just too much to deal with. But the truth is good food is vitally important right now more than ever.

Don't worry about undertaking massive changes that won't be sustainable - I'm going to talk about 3 things to do that are manageable AND will have a positive impact.

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ep. 33 Do we love ourselves enough to give our bodies what we need, to do what our bodies are designed to do?

Every moment we are making a choice whether or not we affirm or deny life in our bodies. 

We are more than viruses and vaccines.

Do we love ourselves enough to give our bodies what we need so our bodies can do what they are designed to do to ensure our survival.

This week on the podcast, Gregg Braden poses these questions to us as he merges science and spirituality and human potential.

Now more than ever, our kids need us to show them the way. To be whole and nourished, hopeful and calm. It's all the simple things .. things we've talked about before 

- good nutrition
- movement
- managing stress
- healthy relationships

If ever there was a time to ensure that we love and honour ourselves and our kids, it's now. We deserve it, our kids deserve it and our futures may well depend on it. 

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ep. 32 Anxiety is contagious

Yes, the Virus is contagious, but so is anxiety. 

And at this point in the midst of all this turmoil, managing our kids' (and our own) anxiety is of paramount importance. 

Dr Tony Attwood will share some strategies for you in this week's episode.

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ep. 31 Home all day - strategies for supporting your ASD child during the 2020 Outbreak

By the time this episode gets to you, the world as we know it - which is different to the world we knew last night let alone last week - will most likely be different again. These are uncertain and unchartered waters. And I am sure it's inevitable that if your child's school hasn't already closed, it will be soon. Which means you will have the kids home all day, maybe unable to access therapy as well as school. It's bad enough for the average Joe, but our ASD kids who thrive on same-ness and routine? It's a nightmare. 

This week on the podcast I wanted to bring you a snippet from Dr Angela Mouzakitis who provides some excellent strategies for supporting our kids during this Outbreak. 

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ep. 30 What does autism look like 15 years after diagnosis?

In this week's episode I have a conversation with you about what autism looks like now we have 15 years in the trenches.

Spoiler alert - it doesn't go away.

I hope that sharing our experiences helps smooth the way for you as you navigate the hurdles ahead.

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ep. 29 Helping caregivers recognise that Self Care matters

I know you've heard it before
"You can't pour from an empty cup"
"You have to look after yourself before you can look after anyone else"
"Put on your own oxygen mask first"

And you have a million reasons why that doesn't apply to you
"I don't have time to do anything for myself"
"I have to look after him, nobody else can do it for me"
"He won't stay with anyone else"

Here's the thing - our kids need us. And they need us to be healthy, happy and whole so we can do our best for them.

This week on the podcast we hear from Clinical Social worker Nancy Kriseman about helping caregivers (ie YOU) recognise that self care matters.

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ep. 28 The link between ADHD, sleep and mouth breathing

Did you know that mouth breathing can cause sleep disorders, hyperactivity, inattention, fatigue, lack of concentration?

On my travels through the world of autism, we have been exposed to many many many therapies. One of them which had big impact for little effort was addressing Tim's mouth breathing. What did we see? Increased energy, better focus, reduced anxiety. Win/win/win. 

This week's episode featuring Patrick McKeown will explain the link between ADHD and mouth breathing -  though don't think this relates only to those diagnosed with ADHD. The issues associated with mouth breathing that I've mentioned above are relevant for most of our kids, not just ones with an ADHD label. 

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ep. 27 Tips for feeding picky eaters

Oh the bane of existence for so many of us - picky eaters. Yes we might like the idea of dietary intervention and believe in the benefits but we just cannot get our heads around changing diets of our already ridiculously picky eater! 

This week's episode is packed full of practical advice from Clinical Nutritionist Kelly Barnhill.  It's probably one you want to have a notebook close by for so you can jot down some notes as you go.

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ep. 26 Behavioural strategies for addressing anxiety

This week on the podcast we hear from Lauren Moskowicz, PhD, with strategies for addressing anxiety.

I know for sure that anxiety is one of, if not the most, important issues we need to address for our kids. It can look very different in our kids than what we typically expect anxiety to be - it can look like being oppositional, defiant, avoiding, aggressive. However it looks, it's debilitating and it's vital for us to address so that our kids can be the happiest and healthiest they can be.

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ep. 25Mitochondrial dysfunction in ASD

This week we hear from one of my favourite doctors in the autism world, Dr Liz Mumper who I've had the pleasure of meeting several times as well as having had consults with her for Tim. She's amazing. 

Something she identified was that Tim had mitochondrial issues and when these were addressed he made some wonderful gains. In this episode you will learn what mitochondria are and the signs that may indicate if it's an issue for your child. 

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ep. 24Mild hyperbarics in Autism

This week on the podcast we hear from Dr Kyle Van Dyke and HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy). This is a fascinating therapy which has produced not only anecdotal success but also now in several studies. It is extremely promising as a protocol for reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.

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ep. 23The transition to adulthood

On today's episode we hear from Dr Gary Stobbe on the Transition to adulthood. He shares some statistics around what percentage of kids at age 18 are classed as having an "Optimal outcome" and what influences were associated with those. You'll be pleased to know that support, community and parents were extremely important! All the things we do - searching out the tutors, the programs, the interventions, the therapists and teaching life skills to our kids - made an enormous difference to the outcomes of the children. 

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ep. 22The IonCleanse study

This week on the podcast we hear from Dr Jerry Kartzinel on his study with some challenging ASD patients using the IonCleanse footbaths. Fascinating stuff! I'm not an affiliate for IonCleanse or their distributor, I just think it's a therapy worth considering and knowing about. 

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ep. 21An Integrative approach to PANS/PANDAS

Happy new year! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and saw in the new year with lots of love and fun with friends and family. 

I'm excited for the podcast this year and very excited to kick off 2020 with this week's episode featuring Dr Usman Singh talking about PANS/PANDAS. 

PANDAS can be one of the most devastating conditions and sometimes overnight we can see kids deteriorate both physically and mentally. And it can be a long road back. But there is hope. 

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ep. 20Fecal transplants and Autism as a GI disorder

This week on the podcast we hear from Dr Pam Popper on early and encouraging studies of fecal transplants for autism. 

Dr Popper poses the idea of autism being a Gi (Gastro Intestinal) disorder that leads to neurological symptoms. My experience and studies have lead me to believe this is a truth and I love that we are seeing gut/brain and the role of healthy microbiome becoming more mainstream. 

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ep. 19Why it's important to tell your story

This week on the podcast I'm sharing a snippet from a podcast interview I did about my books. I thought it might be interesting for you to learn a little more about me and why I wrote my books. I share how being inspired by another mother's story put us on this path to healing and why I think it's so important we all share our story as we never know who we might inspire. 

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ep. 18Autism and ADHD - healing from the inside out

This week on the podcast we hear from one of my favourite speakers Dr Nancy O'Hara. This little snippet is packed full of so much goodness it's hard to know what to highlight for you - maybe it's where she talks about Autism having a genetic component but genetics can't cause epidemics and autism is an epidemic.

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ep. 17Autism in Females

This week on the podcast we hear from a young adult with ASD, Katie from Invisible i. She's talking to us about the different ways autism presents in females. With statistics showing that girls are diagnosed much later than boys and present much differently, it's enlightening to hear from a young adult female perspective. 

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ep. 16Social & Personal relationships on the Autism Spectrum

This week on the Podcast we hear from Sarah Hendrickx - author, adult living with ASD and mother of ASD children. 

I love this snippet because I remember as Tim started school that one of the biggest stressors in our life was how could we help him make friends and have a "normal" social life. Sarah will pose some really important questions about who do we really want that for?

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ep. 15- Autism Nutrigenomics

This week on the podcast we learn from Dr Heather Way talking to us about nutrigenomics. It's fascinating stuff - we'll learn about inflammation, detox and how we can tailor our treatment plans when we know what pathways are working/not working and what our receptors are doing. 

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ep. 14EMF's and chemicals as the main drivers of the Autism epidemic

This week on the podcast we hear from Dr Martin Pall for some fascinating science around how EMF's are causing problems with how synapses in the brain are formed and how genes may be mutating. 

Disturbing indeed, but necessary information so we can understand the implications of EMF exposure. 

Read more & listen here.

ep. 13What happens to children with autism when they become adults?

This week on the podcast we hear from an autistic young man called Kerry Magro who has come out the other side and gives us a real perspective on what we need to be thinking about - advocacy, community, hard work and hope. 

Read more & listen here.

ep. 12The Autism Enigma

This week on the podcast we hear from Dr David Suzuki about the Autism enigma. He covers the research geneticists are doing to identify autism genes and also discusses other influencing factors on how we can turn the genes on and off - epigenetics. A fascinating look at how environment, processed food, antibiotics and lifestyle may be contributing. 

Read more & listen here.

ep. 11Helping kids with anxiety & depression

This week on the podcast I feature Dr Kelly Brogan, a Holistic Psychiatrist who treats her patients without drugs, rather with food and lifestyle changes. Shock horror! 

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly a few years ago at the Mindd Foundation conference in Sydney. What a gorgeous woman, both inside and out. I love her books, I love her approach and I'm excited to introduce you to her if you haven't heard of her before. 

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ep. 10- Endocannibinoid system, CBD and Copaiba oil.

This week on the Podcast we are going to learn about our Endocannibinoid system, CBD and Copaiba oil from Dr David Hill. 

I love using Copaiba essential oil for my family and my clients and I am particularly excited by the testimonies I have regarding its ability to calm anxious feelings and neurological excitation to name a few! Even more so I love that it costs me $0.20 per dose and it's legal and it's readily available. 

Read more & listen here.

ep. 9- Sleep & Autism Spectrum Disorders

This week on the Podcast we are talking about that all important, sometimes elusive and often a major cause of stress - SLEEP. 

Join me as we listen to Prof Gail Williams and understand some of the reasons why sleep is an issue for our ASD kids as well as many of the issues that are caused by lack of sleep - including parental stress. It's a very important part of the puzzle to make sure we get on top of to ensure optimal health and happiness. 

Read more & listen here.

ep. 8- Pyrolle Disorder

This week on the Podcast we are hearing from Dr Albert Mensah all about Pyrolle Disorder or Pyloria. Pyrolle disorder can be the underlying cause for sleep disorders, sensory issues, food sensitivities, depression, poor tolerance of stress, mood swings, anger and violence and rage, low immunity, poor memory and more! 

If you haven't yet gone down the path of seeing if this is an issue for you or your child, you'll want to listen to this one!

Read more & listen here.

ep. 7- Glyphosate and Autism

In this week's episode, I'm featuring Stephanie Senneff, Senior Scientist at MIT.

Stephanie is going to talk about the dangers of Glyphosate - the active ingredient in Round Up poison. She'll explain why it's such an issue for our kids, how it's toxic to our gut microbiome and how a leaky gut leads to a leaky brain.

Read more & listen here.

ep. 6- Autism - Diet and Nutrition for healing

In this week's episode, I'm featuring the wonderful Julie Matthews, one of the world's leading gurus on the topic of Autism diets. 

Julie is going to talk about Autism being a Whole Body disorder - and that when things are going wrong in the body, this is going to affect how the brain functions. She'll tell us again that the GUT is vitally important. And she'll give a brief overview of how to start a special diet. 

Read more & listen here.

ep. 5- The Importance of Creating a Healthy Home

In this week's episode, I'm featuring Nicole Biljsma, one of the world's leading Building Biology experts. She is a much sought after speaker and trainer on the importance of creating a Healthy Home. 

Nicole will cover the importance of looking at toxicants in the home and environment - which are related to almost every disease, and if you're not convinced about having a water filter by the time you listen to this snippet then I'll be surprised 🙂 

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ep. 4- Strategy for Preventing Autism

Welcome to episode 4 of the podcast. We have a nice juicy one this week as we listen to Dr Bill Walsh talks to us about a strategy for preventing autism. 

Dr Walsh is an internationally recognised expert in the field of nutritional medicine and a key scientist paving the way for nutrient-based psychiatry and nutritional medicine. 

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ep. 3- Targeted nutritional therapy for autism

In this week's episode, I'm featuring Kelly Dorfman, one of the world's leading experts in using nutrition therapeutically to improve brain function, energy and mood. 

Kelly will cover how traditional therapy can be supported by nutritional therapy and examines the value of testing with regards to special diets. 

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Welcome to Episode #2

Thank you for all of your comments, emails and feedback about the Podcast, I'm so glad you are as excited about it as I am. 

This week I'm continuing the vein of looking at autism as a whole body disorder and featuring Dr Martha Herbert, who poses the question - Is Autism a brain disorder or a disorder affecting the brain? Fascinating stuff. I hope you enjoy. 

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ep.1- Autism is treatable with Dr Kenneth Bock

I started a podcast! 

I came to realise not long ago, that when I started out on this crazy journey in 2004 our main problem was lack of information. And now ..  our main problem is too much information! In a way I think this is worse because we are drowning in a sea of fantastic information which we just cannot possibly digest. 

So .. in overwhelm . we do nothing.

Read more & listen here.


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