No Cows Today...

A mother's story.

A son's autism recovery.

“Autism it was. The word didn’t scare me, because deep down I already knew. And the reason autism didn’t scare me was because you didn’t die from autism. Autism didn’t put you in the hospital hooked up to tubes having hundreds of tests from specialists who didn’t know if they could treat you or if you’d die. After what Tim had already been through, autism was a relief. This I could handle. I could fix this. I would see all the specialists, do all the courses and he would be fine.”

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Kris and Tim Barrett offer so much hope to the thousands of families working to ‘recover’ a loved one from autism.

Leslie Embersit
Founding Director, Mindd Foundation

This is a close, personal and brave look into the world of a remarkable lady and her family. Their unbreakable and often humorous journey of raising a child with Autism will warm your heart.

Kathleen Stanes
Blue Sky Foundation Ltd

If you had any doubts that food and biomedical interventions work, I invite you to read Kris’ emotional and inspiring story.

Sally Thibault
Speaker, Author, EFT Practitioner

I have just finished your amazing book. I alternated between amazement at your strength and determination, and tears for what you were all going through.Thank God for your determination, courage and unbounded love that must have nearly broken you, on the way to achieving this wonderful outcome. Congratulations for having the courage of your convictions, and for giving hope to so many despairing, lost in the fog parents who are just beginning their journey.

Diane, NSW 

About the Author

I had absolutely no interest in food until my son Tim was diagnosed with autism in 2004 and I stumbled upon information from the US where families were seeing remarkable improvements in their ASD children with a gluten and dairy free diet. I was desperate to help my boy and decided I needed to do this. Despite being challenged by even making a packet cake and despite the fact that Tim ate only 5 foods which would all have to go, I began a gluten and casein free diet that quite literally changed his life.

My beautiful boy is now a typically functioning, happy and healthy 13 year old. I firmly believe that dietary intervention was the foundation of his recovery and I’m passionate about working with other families to assist them in experiencing the same transformation that my family did.

Buy No Cows Today

Available in eBook $8.95

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