Have you heard about the benefits of dietary changes for children with autism, but feel overwhelmed at the mere thought?

  • Would you like to implement dietary changes but feel confused about where to start?
  • Would you love some clear direction in order to increase your chances of success while reducing family stress? 
  • If so, High Thrive Me! is the book for you.

As a busy parent, High Thrive Me! provides step-by-step guidance on how to:

  • Eliminate irritating foods
  • Introduce simple, nutritious, kid-friendly dishes
  • Turn everyday foods into meals that heal
  • Make small lifestyle changes to help your family live happier, healthier lives

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High Thrive Me! features:

Checklists & action plans at the end of each chapter

An accompanying e-learning program if you want to diver even deeper

Practical and real life examples that you can adapt for your own family

Access to the "Helping Autism Families to Thrive" free online community - for guidance, connection with others and on-going support. 

Kris has managed to achieve something amazing in this book. She has written you an easy to read manual on how to turn a seemingly impossible, daunting task into something simple. 

Dr Kelly Francis 

Over the years I have watched Kris heal her son; I have seen the dedication she brings to assisting families, I have listened to her presentations, and always, always, I learn something new about food from her. Kris is always my first port of call where food and meal planning is concerned; the amount of worry she has saved harassed mothers over the years is second to none. You can put your faith in what Kris writes about food, the gut, and the brain; she will save you hours shopping, in the kitchen, and financially, and your child will have a balanced and highly nutritious menu every day of the week if you follow her guidance.

Jan Brenton
Author : Can we manage autism

What a superb piece of work!

Kathleen Stanes
CEO Blue Sky Foundation

High Thrive Me! will take you through the 5 steps for improving the health and happiness of your child on the spectrum – with hints and tips to make this work in the real world from someone who’s done it.

Chapters include

  • Kris's real world philosophy
  • The 5 steps
  • Evaluate - including defining your goals, building support teams and how to start
  • Eliminate - includes which foods will you remove and what you will replace them with
  • Establish - shows you how to keep it simple and manage the diet in the real world
  • Enhance - includes balancing a meal and how to boost the nutrition of everything you make
  • Excel - take it to the next level. This section includes healthy home strategies, supplements, fermented foods, complimentary and behavioural therapies and more!
  • Paperback $25.00

    Free Shipping in Australia​

    eBook $8.95