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Episode 36 – The Truth will bring down the Corrupt


Dr Judy Mikovits

"The Truth will bring down the Corrupt"

​Bam. Pow. This week's episode packs a punch. We hear from Dr Judy Mikovits - a Molecular Biologist who was a whistleblower for corruption in the health industry in the USA. She spent time and jail then had a 5 year gag order on her - this is now up and she's speaking out!

Hear about what's really going on with vaccines, the virus, why medications that were helping our ASD kids have been made unavailable. It's shocking and it will invoke strong reactions from you I'm sure.

To listen to the full talk (about an hour long) you can go here.

To watch the Plandemic documentary (about 25 minutes long) watch here.

And information on Dr Mikovits' latest book, Plague of Corruption, is here. ​

Enjoy this week's inspiration and education.

Cheers Kris


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