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Episode 32 – Anxiety is contagious


Dr Tony Attwood

"Anxiety is contagious"

Yes, the Virus is contagious, but so is anxiety.

And at this point in the midst of all this turmoil, managing our kids' (and our own) anxiety is of paramount importance.

Dr Tony Attwood will share some strategies for you in this week's episode.

To watch the full talk on Youtube you can click here.

Last weekend on our 2 session Livestream, my colleague Sally Thibault and I spent a lot of time talking with the parents who joined us live about managing anxiety and the tools we use. It can't be any more important than right now that we ensure we and our children are as grounded and calm as possible. Forget the school work - the important work is making sure we and our kids are ok and have the tools we need to get us through this crisis. 

We have recorded the 4 hours of content and if you missed joining us live, you can receive the recordings by registering here.

Stay well, stay safe and enjoy this week's inspiration and education.

Cheers Kris


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