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Episode 31 – Home all day – strategies for supporting your ASD child during the 2020 Outbreak


Dr Angela Mouzakitis

"Home all day - strategies for supporting your ASD child during the 2020 Outbreak"

By the time this episode gets to you, the world as we know it - which is different to the world we knew last night let alone last week - will most likely be different again. These are uncertain and unchartered waters. And I am sure it's inevitable that if your child's school hasn't already closed, it will be soon. Which means you will have the kids home all day, maybe unable to access therapy as well as school. It's bad enough for the average Joe, but our ASD kids who thrive on same-ness and routine? It's a nightmare. 

This week on the podcast I wanted to bring you a snippet from Dr Angela Mouzakitis who provides some excellent strategies for supporting our kids during this Outbreak. 

If you can muster up an hour, please watch the full talk here as it's full of great information that might really make a difference to your isolation.

Also because of the shifting sands, Sally and I have brought our live events online and we will be Live streaming our Autism Wellbeing event this weekend - 2 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday (we know how long a movie is and that trying to get your attention for 4 full hours is probably not going to happen!). We will be sharing our wisdom and experiences 15+ years after diagnosis - bullying, anxiety, school refusal, judgment of other parents, trying to maintain relationships, picky eating & more. If you'd like to hear from people who have been where you are and faced the challenges you're facing, then we'd love to share our time with you.
Full details of the event are here.

Stay well, safe safe and enjoy this week's inspiration and education. 

Cheers Kris


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