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Episode 28 – The link between ADHD, sleep and mouth breathing


Patrick McKeown

"The link between ADHD, sleep and mouth breathing".

Did you know that mouth breathing can cause sleep disorders, hyperactivity, inattention, fatigue, lack of concentration?

On my travels through the world of autism, we have been exposed to many many many therapies. One of them which had big impact for little effort was addressing Tim's mouth breathing. What did we see? Increased energy, better focus, reduced anxiety. Win/win/win. 

This week's episode featuring Patrick McKeown will explain the link between ADHD and mouth breathing -  though don't think this relates only to those diagnosed with ADHD. The issues associated with mouth breathing that I've mentioned above are relevant for most of our kids, not just ones with an ADHD label. 

To listen to the full talk on Youtube you can click here.

To visit Patrick McKeown's site for more information click here.

Enjoy this week's inspiration and education. 

Cheers Kris 


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