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Episode 22 – The IonCleanse study


Dr. Jerry Kartzinel

"The IonCleanse study"

This week on the podcast we hear from Dr Jerry Kartzinel on his study with some challenging ASD patients using the IonCleanse footbaths. Fascinating stuff! I'm not an affiliate for IonCleanse or their distributor, I just think it's a therapy worth considering and knowing about. 

To listen to his full talk on Youtube (about 35 minutes long) you can click here.

To learn more about Dr Jerry you can visit his website here.

And to buy the most excellent book he wrote with Jenny McCarthy, Healing and Preventing Autism, you can click here.

For more information on IonCleanse in Australia, click here.

Enjoy this week's inspiration and education. 

Cheers Kris 


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