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Episode 18 – Autism and ADHD – healing from the inside out


Dr Nancy O'Hara

"Autism and ADHD - healing from the inside out"

This week on the podcast we hear from one of my favourite speakers Dr Nancy O'Hara. This little snippet is packed full of so much goodness it's hard to know what to highlight for you - maybe it's where she talks about Autism having a genetic component but genetics can't cause epidemics and autism is an epidemic. Maybe it's when she says that autism is not a brain disorder but a medical condition that has multiple hits that affect the brain. Or maybe it's talking about the immune and infection side of things in conjunction with mitochondria and detox. Well you choose what's your favourite, cos there's something in this talk for everyone!

To listen to the full talk on Youtube you can click here.

To learn more about Dr O'Hara visit her website here.

Enjoy this week's inspiration and education. 

Cheers Kris


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