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Episode 11 – Helping kids with anxiety & depression


Dr Kelly Brogan

"Helping kids with anxiety & depression". 

This week on the podcast I feature Dr Kelly Brogan, a Holistic Psychiatrist who treats her patients without drugs, rather with food and lifestyle changes. Shock horror! 

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly a few years ago at the Mindd Foundation conference in Sydney. What a gorgeous woman, both inside and out. I love her books (links below), I love her approach and I'm excited to introduce you to her if you haven't heard of her before. 

To listen to the full talk (about 32 minutes long) you can click here.

To buy her most excellent books, click here

And to find out more about Dr Kelly Brogan visit her website here.

Enjoy this week's inspiration and education. 

Cheers Kris


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