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Episode 10 – Endocannibinoid System


Dr David Hill

"Endocannibinoid System, CBD and Copaiba oil". 

This week on the Podcast we are going to learn about our Endocannibinoid system, CBD and Copaiba oil from Dr David Hill. 

I love using Copaiba essential oil for my family and my clients and I am particularly excited by the testimonies I have regarding its ability to calm anxious feelings and neurological excitation to name a few! Even more so I love that it costs me $0.20 per dose and it's legal and it's readily available. 

To listen to the full talk from Dr Hill click here.

For more information on the essential oils I choose to use for my family and clients, you can find more information on my website here.

Enjoy this week's inspiration and education. 

Cheers Kris


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