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Episode 1 – Autism is Treatable


Dr Kenneth Bock

"Autism is treatable".
Guest Expert: Dr Kenneth Bock

I started a podcast! 

I came to realise not long ago, that when I started out on this crazy journey in 2004 our main problem was lack of information. And now ..  our main problem is too much information! In a way I think this is worse because we are drowning in a sea of fantastic information which we just cannot possibly digest. 

So .. in overwhelm . we do nothing.

I decided there was a real need for some bite size pieces of education and inspiration that we can all digest and use for our families and drawing upon the format of one of my favourite podcasts (the Quote of the Day show if you're interested .. it's fabulous) I am launching the helping Autism families version! 

Each week I will bring you a snippet of great information from a world class expert in the autism field. Each episode will be around 10 minutes long and give you some food for thought. I'll give you the link to the full video/interview (they are all on Youtube) and links to the speakers website and books so if something really resonates with you, you can dive deeper. 

So without further ado, we kick off featuring Dr Kenneth Bock with Autism is Treatable. 

To listen to the entire talk (about 1.5 hours long) click here.

To buy Dr Bock's fantastic book, Healing the New Childhood epidemics, click here and to visit Dr Bocks website click here.

Enjoy Dr Bock and have a great week. 


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  1. Deanne Wald

    Thank you Kris and congratulations for your new podcast series. The format of a 10 minute taste is a great concept and has sufficiently tempted me to seek out the full talk. Well done I love it ! Deanne mother of son with ASD 14

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