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Christmas 2016!


Christmas. Mince pies, turkeys with stuffing, chocolates, advent calendars, puddings, candy canes, custard, gravy, lollies, shortbread, trifle, pavlova, cream, soft drinks. All the stuff of special diet nightmares.


This year marks our 13th special diet Christmas. Each one gets easier as we refine what works for us. Most of the time we host Christmas at our house so I have complete control of what’s on the table. That works really well for me.


Each year I offer a guide to a fabulous Special Diet Christmas. If you read last year’s you’ll see I haven’t updated it, because everyone loves our Christmas feast and snacks and looks forward to me rolling it out again. I’ve ordered the Turducken (a taste sensation! If you’ve never tried one it’s a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey – a vegetarian nightmare in other words J)  and have ordered all of the specialty ingredients that I’ll need.


We have treats, we have dessert, we have all the trimmings and still manage to do it completely legally. We have come a really long way from those first few frantic special diet Christmases where celebrating was anything but merry. I’m really happy with how we’ve been able to make our Christmas a happy, legal and delicious occasion.


If a special diet Christmas is new to you, I hope the guide helps you to design your own happy and safe celebration. If you are doing this for the umpteenth year like me, maybe you’ll find a great new treat you can add into your menu.


You can download your free Christmas Survival Guide here.


However you’re celebrating, I wish you and your family good health, great happiness and many blessings.

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