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Autism a blessing?

Autism a Blessing?

A few years ago I gave a presentation about autism had evolved from adversity into a blessing for me. Now before you get all upset and want to yell at me that autism will never be a blessing for you, just hear me out.


Before Autism, I was a hard working, high achieving career woman. I wore expensive suits, drove company cars and traveled a lot with fabulous expense accounts. I had a lot of friends. I was healthy.  I had a great marriage then I had a daughter and a son. I had everything I wished for. I was living the dream.


I hadn’t figured on my life being turned upside down firstly by my little boy’s severe health issues and then an autism diagnosis to go with it. I buried my grief with wine and food and by keeping constantly busy. Had I had a spare moment to think about what was going on I would have completely unraveled.


But slowly and surely, through the clouds, the sun began to shine again. I met other mothers who were living my life. And the bond I developed with them was stronger than anything I’d ever experienced. Some of my dear friends I met on online chat groups and we may only see each other once a year, but we have a trust and connection that transcends distance. And who else can you drink wine with and laugh hysterically about poo for hours on end? Only an autism mum. What a godsend.


It wasn’t only the autism mums that came into my life that I feel are a blessing but those in the wider autism world. Had I not been catapulted into this community,  I never would have met so many brave and caring therapists, health practitioners, pharmacists, teachers and service providers. I would never have started my own business serving the autism community. I would never have met so many of you who like me, now work in your own passion business with a product or service that you needed for your autistic child.  Such a blessing.


I was a really nice person before autism. I was honest, kind and friendly. I didn’t know it then, but I was also very judgmental. It was only through the experience of being judged so often and so publicly because of my son’s behaviour that I realised how shallow I had been in the past. I know I have become stronger, more tolerant and patient because of autism. I don’t know if I’ve become a better person, but I certainly feel like I’ve become a better version of myself.  And that is a blessing.


For all of the autism mums, teachers, therapists and doctors in my life – Thank you. For your kindness, understanding, support, advice and love. You are a blessing in my life.


“Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better.

Because I knew you ….

I have been changed for good”

(Wicked the Musical)


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PS. If you would like to join our wonderful, supportive online community head over to here.  I would be blessed to have you there.

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