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Spotlight on… Body Ecology

The Body Ecoogy Diet (BED) was developed by Donna Gates and was initially developed as an anti-candida diet. Given that yeast overgrowth/candida is a big problem for many of our ASD kids, this has obvious repercussions on its use in the ASD world.

What is it?

If yeast, bacteria and/or parasites are present in our gut, symptoms like digestive problems, headaches, low energy, skin issues and food intolerances are likely to plague us (or our child).

Donna developed this diet to heal the “inner ecosystem” of the digestive system. It aims to bring all infections under control and establish a strong eco-system that will strengthen the immune system and protect you from further infections.

Again this is another very strict diet with many restrictions, but has had fabulous results with a lot of people. There are several phases to the diet and you start out with the very limited phase initially (can be anywhere from 3-12 months possibly longer)

What can you eat?

Meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cultured vegetables, vegetables, some seeds, almonds, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, lemons, limes, cranberries, blackcurrent, coconut oil, raw butter, ocean vegetables (arame, kombu, nori, wakame), stevia, herbs, non starchy vegetables, Young coconut kefir (more on that later)

What’s not allowed?

No fruit (except for the 4 above), no starchy veges, no grains except for the 4 “grain-like” seeds above, no legumes or beans, no sugar in any form (no monosaccharides), no nuts except almonds, no yeast.

Why is it effective?

  • Very similar to GAPS in the lack of processed food and amount of fresh vegetables
  • Basically there are no packaged foods at all, so immediately you have a very clean and healthy diet
  • There are lots more vegetables and fruit in the diet and no additives
  • It includes fermented foods which are great for digestion and mineral absorbption
  • It is harder to replicate cakes/biscuits etc due to nut meals and honey not beling allowed
  • No sugar at all so this really targets yeast

What’s the drawbacks?

  • This is a massive change in eating styles, it’s extremely hard to replicate any old dishes
  • Meat is only allowed to be about 20% of the total meal and this may not suit all blood types (eg Type O, see more in Blood Type diet following)
  • It has the versatility of the four BED ‘grains’ but these are high in oxalates so again if oxalates are a problem this will be hard to implement
  • You have to cook everything, there is nothing processed or ready made that will be legal
  • It can take time to move through the stages and if not done correctly best healing will not occur

This is just a very quick overview. If you are going to embark upon the Body Ecology Diet please read “The Body Ecology Diet” by Donna Gates and visit her website.

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