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Has your child received an autism diagnosis? Advice from those who know what you’re going through

When Tim was diagnosed with autism, my world went into a spin. Suddenly I had to learn a new language, navigate my way through the special education system and stumble from one professional to another for a plan and more therapy. And I was all alone.


My family didn’t know about autism. My friends didn’t know about autism. I was scared for his future and I didn’t know who to turn to.


Although that was ten years ago, I still remember those feelings of overwhelm and isolation as if it were yesterday. I’m lucky, because I have managed to build an amazing support community who have travelled this path with me and been right there to support me when I’ve stumbled.


Recently I asked some of them to share some of the things they wished they’d known when they first got the news of their child’s diagnosis. There is such comfort and wisdom from those who have been on the same path before you, the people who “get” you and know exactly what you are going through. If we can share our experiences with those at the beginning of their journeys, I’m sure we can make the travelling a little smoother.


You can download my new free guide “Advice to newly diagnosed parents – from those who have been there before you” by clicking here. If it’s not relevant to your situation right now then please feel free to share with friends or family who might benefit.


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