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The Great Disconnect

Yesterday on Facebook I got involved in a discussion about whether to vaccinate your autistic child or not. I’m not going to rehash the vaccination debate in this post, it’s been done a thousand times and it will be done a thousand more.


What blew me away about this particular discussion was the attitude of the mothers. The predominant sentiment was that you need to listen to the doctors and it’s been proven that vaccinations don’t contribute to autism, the pretty mainstream stuff that’s out there. But then I read a comment that went like this : “both my sons have autism and both were hospitalized after their 18 month vaccinations due to adverse reactions but I’ve kept up their immunisations because it’s so important”.


I couldn’t breathe. Take away the autism component for a minute and even in the context of the poor kids suffering such an adverse reaction, my brain was spinning. They’d had a horrendous and serious reaction and you’d take them back for more? Why would you do that?

I reached out to one of my wise “Thinking Mum” friends and told her about it because it was making me feel sick,. She summed it up perfectly – so many parents have become completely disconnected.


What happened to us? Why can’t we question the doctors when our children react to “safe” vaccines and medicines? Why can’t we stop for a minute and say “hang on, my child had a reaction to the vaccine, I wonder if there’s something in the vaccines that caused their body to react this way”. In what universe is it OK to have something make your child incredibly sick and keep on taking them back for more because the government or the doctor says so?


It seems we’ve given away our power. We’ve given away our logic and our gut instinct and we’re willing to do that at the expense of our children’s health. We’re willing to sit and look at our children with chronic health issues and justify to ourselves and everyone else that we did the “right” thing, and then justify the fact that we continue to do it. Parents are the only voice that children have. If we have lost the ability to speak up for our children then where are we headed? If we give away our power to the government and the medical industry then where are we headed? The statistics show exactly where we’re headed – we’re on track to have the sickest and most affected children ever. We’re going to have a health system that can’t cater for the sheer number of children who need help. We’re going to have an education system that can’t cater for the amount of children who need help. We’re going to have a welfare system that can’t cater for the children who grow into adults and need help.


We, as parents, have to step up and understand that WE have control over what happens to our children. We need to reconnect to our gut instincts and our common sense and reclaim our power. We need to say “no more” if we see our children being harmed in any way (be it by  another person or medicine or food or vaccination).


The future depends on it.

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