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Not Nigella (or Martha or Julie or Julia)

No this isn’t a photo of me, though it might as well be.

I’m not happy in the kitchen. I know that might sound strange since I ended up helping people with food as my job. I research food, evaluate food and pretty much spend my whole day thinking about food in some way or another. So naturally people think I must LOVE cooking, that I must be a whiz in the kitchen since I can sit here and dish out advice left right and centre all day every day about what you should feed your child and how to change it up and how to hide things etc. So I thought I better set the record straight and own up to a few home truths.

I was never interested in food until I had to investigate special diets for my son. Until then I lived in blissful ignorance. I was busy, I was healthy and if it came out of a bottle or a packet and tasted good, then fine with me! So the transition to having to make everything from scratch leaving out the twelve most common foods on earth was not an easy one.

Here’s a few examples of what I mean (and apologises to any of my old friends who may read this and had dinner at my flat while I was young and just out of home)

I once had a dinner party and decided to be really fancy and serve “proper” coffee instead of International Roast. I poured the coffee beans in the bottom of the plunger and then hot water on top. They dissolved right? Hmm turns out they don’t. I threw away the rest of the coffee cos I didn’t have a grinder anyway.

I was cooking (hopefully not for the same dinner party) a rich beef dish which called for a dry red wine. This was long before my tastes had developed into something reasonable, and I knew wine came in a cask and it was white or red. I searched my cupboard for some booze and found a bottle of port. It was red. Was it dry? I wasn’t sure, but seriously how much did it really matter? Hmm .. let me say it did matter and I learnt that night the difference between dry and sweet wine.

The first Christmas I spent with my husband’s family I was eager to be of assistance to his mum so I got the job of beating the cream for the pudding. When it turned to butter I thought the cream must have been off or something. Seriously, how does that happen? Let’s just say I never lived it down and almost 20 christmases later I am still reminded of the butter incident (but I don’t get asked to help either, bonus!)

Simmering – what a waste of time! I’m not sitting around here while this simmers for an eternity – “if it’s hot eat it” was my motto.

And when my mother in law came to visit and couldn’t find a rolling pin she nearly fainted. I had never had a need for a rolling pin, this woman was living in the dark ages, sheez.

So when I started out making meals without gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs and rice, you could say it was a small challenge. I won’t bore you with the long list of disasters or how much money I literally threw in the garbage and the tears that were shed in that kitchen – many from Tim but mostly from me.

That’s why I can say with absolute confidence, that if I can master this special diet thing, ANYONE can! We’re 9 years in now and going strong. And that’s why I can assure you that when I wrote my 6 week course, I wrote it to appeal to people like me – busy, stressed and clueless in the kitchen. That’s why all the advice in there is simple, logical and easy. No fancy schmancy recipes that require years of practice and patience. Good old fashioned simple, nourishing, quick meals and snacks. This is real life stuff, designed for real life people like you. You can take a look at what I cover here

And if ever you hear of someone inventing the dissolving coffee bean, please let me know.

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