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Grandma’s advice and adhd diet

Recently when I was editing my new e-course I got to the end and was amazed at the amount of times I had made recommendations for simple healing strategies that were around in the “olden days”. Way back when, when people had gardens and grew and cooked most of their own food. Before we got so clever and invented “food-like” foods full of chemicals and additives our bodies don’t know what to do with.  Whether designing an adhd diet or a diet for diabetes, obesity, asthma, autism or food allergies, makes you wonder if Grandma knew best.

Here’s a few of the things I use with Tim and recommend for my clients, the old things that are making a comeback.

1. Chicken stock. Incredibly healing for our gut and immune system. Grandma used to say if you were sick chicken stock would heal you. I think she was onto something there.

2. Epsom salts. My grandfather would say if it couldn’t be fixed with a dose of epsom salts and a swig of vinegar it couldn’t be fixed. Epsom salts are an inexpensive, effective way to detox, calm and increase your magnesium.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar. Same grandfather who used the salts, used to drink Apple Cider Vinegar before his meals and swore by its effects. This cheap and simple tonic is a great way to improve your digestion.

4. Sunshine. We have slipped, slopped & slapped our way into a massive Vitamin D deficiency. My grandma told me that in her day, the midwives told you to take your baby out in the sun and unwrap them and let them kick about. Vitamin D is essential for our immune system and is now being implicated as being protective with cancer, autism and other conditions. We can only make Vit D via exposure to the sun.

5. Basic cleaning products – lemon, vinegar, baking soda. People are now making good money writing books on how to clean your house like this!

I’m sure there’s more that popped up but you get my drift. It really is food for thought isn’t it.

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