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Lessons from a turkey

I have a confession to make.

You know I’m a Health Coach right? You know I spend all day every day working with families helping them to make dietary and lifestyle changes that will bring them health and happiness? You know my extended family are scared to eat or drink in front of me in case I  lecture them about how what they’re eating is harmful?

Well do you know what I’m having for dinner on Saturday night?

You guessed it – deep fried turkey.

We are having a long overdue housewarming at our new house. And it happens to be Thanksgiving weekend. And my husband happens to have brought a turkey fryer back with him from his latest work trip to the USA. He travels there quite often and last time his hosts did him a “deep fried bird”, and the King of Gadgets could not resist bringing one home.

We have done a trial run and let me tell you, this was THE most moist and tasty turkey I’ve EVER tasted.

As you can imagine I was horrified about a Health Coach enjoying such a delicacy without feeling terribly guilty. But I think I was too hard on myself. There are some things I will not compromise ever for Tim’s diet – and that is no gluten or dairy or soy or corn, because for him, they are the foods which cause him most damage – so there’s no negotiation on those. There’s minimal sugar here, it’s usually only honey or maple syrup in some muffins I’ve made but he will have a lemonade when we go out as a treat. We use the good fats, we eat organic fruits and veges and meat and chicken. But then sometimes life throws you a deep fried turkey.

We got Organic turkeys, we made a beautiful organic rub & seasoning and kept everything free from the “No Go” list we have in our house. The only thing I had to compromise on was the oil we fried it in, and I made that decision knowing that of the 1095 meals I cooked Tim and our family this year, that 1 made in a less desirable oil and within his food guidelines is probably not cause for concern – if you like statistics you’ll know that is only 0.09% of his meals (not even counting the 730+ snacks that tick all the boxes – if you count those it’s only 0.05%). So I decided I didn’t need to lose any sleep over it.

So over the coming festive season, if life throws you a deep fried turkey, there’s probably a way to make it ok for you. Always stick to your “NO GO” list and then see how much room you have for compromise. We aren’t perfect and life isn’t perfect and I think if you can get to within 0.09% of that you’re doing OK.


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