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Dare to dream

I am possibly the proudest mum in the country tonight. I feel like the mum of an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Tonight Tim played in his school band in his first ever eisteddfod – and they won! He was superb, he was the drummer and kept a perfect beat. My hands were sweating as I pondered all the things that could go wrong – would he actually go on stage, would he see the audience and freak out, would he keep in time. I need to give him more credit. He stood there completely focused, looked at the conductor, played like a champion and he had the time of his life. There was a little nervous moment when he got flustered trying to change music books in-between songs and the little girl next to him just reached across and steadied his music with no fuss  – god bless her.

I know all the other mums of all the other kids in the bands are proud and happy. As I am for my daughter who had an eisteddfod win earlier this week as well. But for Tim, well it came harder for him, and that makes the achievement all the more special.

This was the boy I was told to put in special school, the boy who I feared would never fit in, would never be able to do the things that other kids his age did and I never dared dream would be on stage with his peers performing and becoming winners! He’s 10 now and in Year 5 and at the beginning of the year he went to the band tryouts and he tried out with everyone else and he got a place in the band. He is there for practice early every single Monday morning and sets his alarm so he won’t be late. He had no special consideration and no modifications, he’s just one of the gang.

I never dared to dream all those years ago that this would be possible. But it is.  This is our reward, for his years of extra work and therapy and blood tests and supplements and special diets. When you think of the mountains he’s had to climb to be there tonight, you know that nobody deserves this more than he does.

Congratulations Tim, I hope you are proud of yourself as we are. As usual, you taught me something tonight. You taught me to relax, to trust in you, to “allow” you to be the magnificent little boy you are and to celebrate all the wonderful things you can do, instead of worrying about some of the things you can’t.

Another huge step on our journey.

Dare to dream – one day it might just come true.

(and thank you to Gerry for teaching me how to allow).

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