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Julie Matthews diet seminar – Free!

Don’t miss out on the chance to hear directly from Julie, the Autism Diet Guru!

nourishinghope-cvsczkjfqgwsmilqqgsjamebcvgvinld-v2WEBINAR – Tuesday, July 31st, 6pm Pacific (9 Eastern) 
Avoid Common Diet Pitfalls for Autism and ADHD

Are the doing the GFCF, SCD/GAPS, or other special diet, and not seeing positive results?

While following a special diet, there are many factors that might trip you up. Once you see what they are, you can navigate past them.

Avoid Mistakes and be More Effective.

During this 2-

hour webinar, you will:

  • Realize how certain “health foods” could be depleting your child’s nutrients
  • Learn a simple diet refinement that could reduce anxiety or hyperactivity
  • Discover 3 foods that boost nutrition for brain development
  • Know the KEY REASONS why GFCF or SCD/GAPS may not be “working” for you, and specifically what to do about it.

I’ll teach you how to avoid common mistakes that can derail the most diligent diet plan, and give you ways to help reduce symptoms in your child with ADHD, autism, or other childhood condition. You will learn simple and effective methods to nourish your child, even if they are a picky eater.

After a decade supporting hundreds of families on special diets for ADHD and autism, I have identified the major pitfalls. If you are doing GFCF, GAPS, or another diet and are not seeing the results you desire or that you saw initially when you began, this webinar is for you!

And…I’ll be allowing PLENTY of time for Q&A.

Join us live, learn and have your questions answered.

Tuesday evening, July 31st 6pm (Pacific Time)

“See you” online!


6pm Pacific time (Tuesday the 31st) is…

  • 9pm in New York
  • 1am in London (Wednesday the 1st)
  • 5am in Dubai (Wednesday the 1st) 
  • 11am in Sydney (Wednesday the 1st)

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