Introducing...the all new


the all new

The Autism Wellbeing Community is a cost-effective way to receive ongoing support, coaching, connection and access to experts in the autism world.

Ever been at the end of your tether?

Ever wished you could talk to somebody who has been through what you are going through and done it successfully?

Ever wished you had a crystal ball to see how it will all turn out?

Ever wanted to connect with other mums going through what you are, people who really "get" it?

Then this Community is for you. 

What's included: 

Ongoing parent education and support

Access to a closed FB group for daily access to Kris & Sally, other experts and your community

Monthly education and community calls (via Zoom)

Guest expert presentations and advice

2 x "in person" community events each year (location Gold Coast)

Free & discounted access to other offerings from both Kris & Sally


In our very long and protracted journey along the ASD road, what we learnt from Sally & Kris has been the most helpful and the most effective. 



Every parent needs to attend this. Loved both Sally & Kris  and their passion. It was wonderful to see so many fathers present.


Who's it for? 

  • If you have worked with us previously and want ongoing access for questions and concerns
  • If you are just starting out and want some direction and support
  • If you are having a tough time navigating your way through current issues
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need support from mums who have walked your path
  • If you want access to some experienced ASD mums and professionals to pick their brains on anything (nothing off limits!)
  • If you want to connect with other like minded mums who are walking your path and "get" you

Then the Autism Wellbeing Community is for you.

Why work with us?

Kris Barrett and Sally Thibault are no strangers to the field of parenting a child living with autism. Often called warrior Mums, they have, through sheer tenacity, broken down barriers, challenged traditional thinking and supported their ASD sons from diagnosis to graduation and everything in between.

They are both now respected authors, coaches, and experts in their chosen fields

But more importantly, they have lived the path you are now on. They know what if feels like to deal with the judgement of others, bullying, school refusal, exclusion, picky eating, high anxiety and stress. All this while trying to maintain some sense of normality in this crazy autism parenting experience.

The outcome? They have raised confident, happy, successful sons living with autism. And at the same time, managed to maintain loving marriages while raising successful neurotypical daughters who are all, coincidentally now living, working and studying overseas in their careers of choice.

You can join now for just $27/month or one year's access for $275 

Are you ready to make 2021 the year you invest in yourself and your child? 

If you are, we are excited to support you.

Join now for monthly or yearly membership (T&C below)

Monthly Membership

Yearly Membership

Save $49!

What others say about working with Kris & Sally


Kris Barrett and Sally Thibault you are absolutely wonderful Power Women! I feel like I had a week end retreat! Thanks for your advice, support and caring. Thanks for the new “tool “ too! 



Thanks Kris & Sally for an awesome afternoon of connection, sharing and caring. It did feel like a retreat so thank you very much - it was just what I needed right now. Thank you for your advice, support and for the new friends made today. thank you everyone. X


Terms and Conditions

All rights reserved. No materials shared may be reproduced or transmitted outside of the group by any means including photocopying, recording, sharing on social media or any other system without written permission from the copyright holder.

You retain access to all materials and the Facebook group as long as you are a paid member. Once you cancel your payments, you will be removed from the group and no longer have access to the materials.

If you join as a Foundation member and cancel your membership and wish to rejoin at some time in the future, you will be charged the current rate at the time you rejoin.


To hear someone talk who knows and has been there. Too often it is jargon from doctors and teachers who don’t live with it. Friends try but they don’t understand. Sally and Kris have been there and their honest accounts speak more than anything else I have seen or read.



An informative and positive day of learning, sharing and better understanding the journey we are all on. Whether it be diet, ideas for family life or preparing our kids for the future, it was all practical helpful and very useful. The seminar was very good - delivered what was promised.


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