About Kris

I had absolutely no interest in food until my son Tim was diagnosed with autism in 2004 and I stumbled upon information from the US where families were seeing remarkable improvements in their ASD children with a gluten and dairy free diet. I was desperate to help my boy and decided I needed to do this. Despite being challenged by even making a packet cake and despite the fact that Tim ate only 5 foods which would all have to go, I began a gluten and casein free diet that quite literally changed his life.
My beautiful boy is now a typically functioning, happy and healthy 16 year old.  I firmly believe that dietary intervention was the foundation of his recovery and I’m passionate about working with other families to assist them in experiencing the same transformation that my family did by sharing my experiences with nutrition, biomedical interventions, and essential oils.
I have several professional qualifications, but honestly, my real education began way back in 2004 when I was trying to concoct special meals with ingredients whose names I couldn’t pronounce and then ducking the food that Tim would throw back at me. My strength lies in the fact that I have been there on the front line doing this with my own autistic child. I am able to mentor other families in making practical, small changes that are sustainable in the real world.  I really truly dislike being in the kitchen, so all of my advice, meal plans and recipes are simple and nourishing so we can ensure that dietary changes don’t take over your life.
In June 2014 I released my first book, No Cows Today: a mother’s story, a son’s autism recovery. I am thrilled to share my story in the hope it inspires others to consider dietary and biomedical intervention as part of their therapy programs.
In 2016 my second book, High Thrive Me! was released. This book contains all of my knowledge of how to implement dietary changes and introduce you to other complementary therapies that have made a huge difference to our outcomes. I’ve designed it so that you use it as a guidebook to lead your own family through the changes step by step.
Special Interests :

How to use simple, cost-effective, practical tools like food and essential oils to help kids with autism, ADHD, learning difficulties and behavioural challenges

Qualifications :

Bachelor of Commerce (University of Newcastle)

Certified Integrative Nutrition Practitioner

Certified GAPS Practitioner

Certified Bioindividual Nutrition Practitioner

MINDD Practitioner

Certified Essential Oils Coach